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Some cheaper alternatives for the white boots Ariana’s been wearing a lot lately: 1, - Hannah :) xx

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once again, my life is now complete 

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Hi everyone!! It’s Jenna, I am so so so sorry for my lack of activity on this blog. I have been so busy lately with work, school & etc. I hope to be back on track soon! xo

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Disabled Young Adult Seeking Help!

I’m 23, disabled, homeless, and I desperately need help to pay for my medication that is running out this week.

My name’s Shayne (Shay). I’m trans*/non-binary, disabled, have zero income/financial support, a service animal, and I have no place to live right now.

I suffer from a number of disorders and syndromes including:
• Ehler-danlos syndrome
• cold urticaria
• adrenal insufficiency
• Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
• postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
• endometriosis
• poly cystic ovarian syndrome
• fibromyalgia
• neuropathy nos
• complex-PTSD
• major depressive disorder
• asthma

I’m largely immobile and cannot work. Neither one of my biological family’s homes are a safe place for me to go. This is for a multitude of reasons.

I was promised to receive my share of an apartment deposit (total was $800) from my ex. Along with the payment for a parking ticket ($100) on my father’s car that they had gotten.

I was kind enough to understand financial stress and allow spread out payments.

When I had found out that they had been lying/cheating all 2.3 years we’d been together, they decided that “I didn’t deserve it anymore.” In addition to losing that money, I lost them and their family as my only support system.

I have no money apart from some pocket change. I’m currently living in a motel paid for by Salvation Army until Tuesday morning, and after that my service cat and I only have my car to live in.

Being in Wisconsin and sleeping in my car is dangerous because of the cold. Worse yet, something in my car is misfiring, meaning that until I can get it fixed with an electrical tuneup ($300 estimated), it’s practically useless and even more dangerous to live in.

To give you an idea of my expenses: my anxiety meds cost $1 flat through DHS, which is a blessing, but my pain medication is extremely important for me to have and runs around $89. My total cost of medications per month is around $175 and total cost of living is about $300, not including rent or personal items.

I’m asking Tumblr for help because I don’t know what to do until my disability determination is made, and that could take a very long time.

I thankfully have food stamps, but I need to find a way to keep paying for a place to stay that’s heated and safe, and most importantly, my medication. These past months have been extremely difficult and I need help.

I have a few friends from college willing to take my service animal and I in, but this would require my car fixed and all medications sorted out as they live across the country.

I’m willing to show my medical record, prove of income, anything to prove that this is genuine.

If you’re able to donate to help me, please, please message me.

I can now take PayPal donations: 
Directly on the Donation Page 
Or send it to

Any help is appreciated so much and once I am able to feel like I am in a safe and healthy environment; I am confident that I can win the fight against these illnesses. I promise that whatever happens; I will spend my time creating some sort of non-profit with the goal of helping young adults in similar situations.

Thank you again,



I’m running our of meds starting the day after tomorrow. Please anyone….

Signal boost. Followers, please donate if you can, and signal boost!

-Dany (who wishes with all her heart that she could donate and will pray for OP)

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A while back in Disneyland Ariana was spotted wearing a sold out Juicy Couture shirt, I found a similar top from Forever 21: here :) - Hannah xx

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xo, Jenna & Hannah
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